Lech Lecha – and watch your footprint

As Avraham embarks on his journey to the place that God promised him, I continue on my personal journey to find a message about environmental sustainability in every Parshah in the Torah. There were so many different angles I could have taken in Bereishit and Noach but Lech Lecha, I have to admit, has proven… Continue reading Lech Lecha – and watch your footprint

Noah – a Story of Climate Adaptation

When it became known to Noah that a catastrophic weather event was to destroy every living thing on Earth he did as  instructed and embarked on the ultimate adaptation plan by building an ark for himself, his family and enough animals to ensure the survival of every species. He accepted the word of a higher… Continue reading Noah – a Story of Climate Adaptation

Bereishit – the Story of Creation

When researching a good sustainability angle to the story of creation, I found this piece by Melissa Lane on behalf of the food rescue organisation Leket Israel, written in 2013. The original blog can be found here http://www.leket.org/en/parashat-bereishit/ Leket Israel and Parashat Bereishit A core theme of this week’s parsha is sustainability. Trees are created… Continue reading Bereishit – the Story of Creation

Smelly but true

As some people love to tour chocolate factories, I love to tour recycling facilities, and recently I enjoyed a tour of the Veolia Organics Recovery Facility in Bulla, courtesy of Melbourne University. I could write pages and pages about the fascinating chemistry and logistics of large-scale composting, but instead I will attempt to limit this… Continue reading Smelly but true