Fiji needs genuine assistance, now.

Australia’s humanitarian gesture to Fiji following the unprecedented Cyclone Winston pam1may appear generous, but if the government was really serious about assisting Pacific Islands they would tackle climate change and stop expanding the fossil fuel industry.

I wrote this poem nearly a year ago, before I started my blog. Read Fiji instead of Vanuatu, and Winston instead of Pam. The story is the same.


In the aftermath of this natural disaster

The surge of foreign aid gushes thicker and faster.

It’s heartwarming, uplifting how society feels

A duty to respond to the tsunami of appeals.

Where is the enemy, a criminal to blame?

Expose the terrorist seeking revenge and instant fame!

But the accusers are silent although the source is well known,

The cause of this catastrophe is the weather alone.

Who points their finger at a cyclone, category five

Devastating an island nation, now struggling to survive?

Flattened, bashed, bruised, pummelled, broken

But the greatest threat remains barely spoken.

Whilst the story received due media attention

Some facts were omitted as if undeserving of mention.




Climate change increases the intensity of storms

Prepare to batten down as our blue planet warms.

Burning fossil fuels is dangerous – the science is clear

Continuing to do so will impact all we hold dear.

Human-induced climate change is a fact that’s irrefutable

But linking it with Cyclone Pam is clearly deemed unsuitable.



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