About this blog

About The CommonTree

“The CommonTree”  is My Commentary on all things related to Sustainability and Climate Change.

“Common” refers to the Tragedy of the Commons, the fundamental cause of Climate Change and all other environmental disasters. Briefly, this is the tendency for people to take for themselves all they want from commonly-shared resources, without any regard for the welfare of those with whom they share the planet.

“Tree” is the universally-recognised symbol of nature, the environment, and sustainability.

About the Author

mypiccrop I am fascinated and terrified by everything related to Climate Change. I am not a climate or environmental scientist but take every opportunity to study the field. The more I learn, the more I feel compelled to join the millions of people worldwide taking action to limit the severity of Climate Change.

As a Jewish, British, social scientist living in Australia with an inspiring husband and three school-aged kids, I believe I have a unique perspective to add to the conversation. Please join me as I climb, run and stumble my way through the biggest challenge that has ever faced humankind.


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